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Monmouth School for Boys fencingAs a sport, fencing is not just about the first to stab the opponent. While athletic ability helps, strategic fencers with better technique often win, although fencing does offer a rigorous workout, especially for the lower body.

Fencing is run at our sister school, Monmouth School for Girls, as an extra-curricular sport and integrates fencers from both schools. All coaching is carried out by Lynne and Rhys Melia of Team Melia. The fencing team competes in various competitions, such as the Public Schools Fencing Championships and the Welsh Youth Foil.  Individuals are also encouraged to enter to gain experience against different fencers during training and in small inter-school matches.

Fencing is not only fun, it is strategic and technical and challenges the mind and athleticism of the student. It is free of charge to students and the fencing kit is provided, so all you need to get started is some loose clothing and trainers and the enthusiasm to try something new and exciting!

For further information please contact Mrs Caroline Jones, Director of Sport at Monmouth School for Girls.