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Cheltenham Literary Festival a big hit with students

October 16th, 2016

mat-trip2On Thursday 13th October, twelve boys led by Mrs Arrand and Mr Hawley were driven to Cheltenham Literary Festival to listen to lectures.

The first lecture was given by the Director of the program “Wallace and Gromit”. He explained how the characters were made out of moulded plasticine, and animation was made from a series of combined snapshots taken on a camera. The boys were also fortunate enough to see an exclusive 10 second clip of an animated film due to be released in the Easter of 2018.

Boys were also given advice on how to start novels, and learnt that the novel “The Boy in Striped Pyjamas” was written in only three weeks!

Perhaps the most impressive lecture was given by one of Tony Blair’s personal speechwriters. He taught the audience how to write in a persuasive manner, giving them lots of tips on how to write a successful, memorable speech. Group exercises helped to put these skills into action.

Overall it was an enjoyable trip, with the boys being able to have taken lots of new skills back to put into use in the classroom!

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