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CCF Field Day Full Report

October 17th, 2016


On Tuesday 11th October, at 4:15 after school, 107 Monmouth School cadets formed up on parade, ready to go to Nesscliffe Training Camp. It was dusk upon arrival and, once there, the group was split into senior and junior sections. Each went their separate way, laden with burgeons and equipment ready for the night ahead. Once the bashers had been set up and a ration pack meal hungrily gobbled up, the cadets began their first task, night orienteering. It was a thrilling start, trying to navigate an unknown landscape in almost complete darkness and despite it being the juniors’ first field day; they embraced the activity, being both stealthy and efficient in its execution.

The following day, a range of activities awaited the cadets. The juniors completed mental puzzles, assault courses and a variety of other stands, designed to test their perceptiveness, leadership and teamwork. Meanwhile the seniors, under the instruction of some royal marines, were given the opportunity to test their skill on the electronic indoor DCCT range, their fitness on the climbing wall, and their competence in advanced first aid.

In addition to this, since it was the biennial inspection of the CCF, both the army brigade inspectors and Air Vice Marshal Mayhew were present to talk to the cadets and learn what the Monmouth School CCF had to offer. When the day reached its conclusion, the Air Vice Marshal distributed prizes to the best sections and most accurate marksmen. After a gruelling field day, the bus home was filled with the sound of 107 exhausted but triumphant cadets.


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