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Cake stall raises more than £100 for charity

June 24th, 2016

Charity cake saleTWO young philanthropists from Monmouth School have grown more than £100 from a £1 school project.

Tom and George, both aged 12, were inspired by the difficult times faced by their teacher, and took up the challenge to raise money for the Kid’s Cancer Charity.

Music teacher Paul Hunt’s daughter was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour in 1991 at the age of 6.

He said: “The hospital put us in touch with the Christian Lewis Trust (as it was then) to help us organise a trip to Florida’s Disney World.

They helped with travel arrangements, insurance and accommodation. In 1994 after fundraising for the charity I was invited to become a Trustee.

“The school has generously supported the charity on many occasions and the Junior Houses of Wye and Dean have in recent years adopted the charity as a ‘House’ charity. Our daughter is now 30 years old.”

As part of fundraising efforts, Mr Hunt gave all the boys in his class £1 at the start of the month, and challenged them to raise more money.

Tom and George decided to pool their £2 and work as a team and so bought cake ingredients, baked and decorated lots of cup-cakes and sold them in Raglan High Street on Saturday 4th June.

Mr Andrew Watkins, manager of the local NISA, allowed the boys to put their table outside his shop.

A note was put on the Raglan Matters Facebook page to generate support and many local people were very generous in pledging funds.

On the Saturday, the boys set up their stall and sold out in 30 minutes raising a fantastic £40.

Many people not only bought the cakes, but also donated extra for such a great cause; some simply donated.

Not wishing to disappoint those people who had asked for cakes but missed the sale, Tom decided he was going to make more cakes on the Sunday and deliver them personally to people’s homes in the area which raised even more money.

The boys also set up a Just Giving page, as many other family and friends wanted to make donations too.

Tom also did lots of chores around the home and donated his ‘pay’.

So far the boys have raised about £105 and will present a cheque for the total to Mr Hunt before the end of term for the charity.

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