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Cadets clinch silver in prestigious competition

April 24th, 2018

Students from Monmouth showed outstanding knowledge, stamina and teamwork to clinch a silver medal at the prestigious Cadet Cambrian Patrol competition in Sennybridge.

The senior team from Monmouth School for Boys’ Combined Cadet Force (CCF) also achieved the highest score by a Welsh unit.

Snatching sleep in forestry blocks when they could, the competition was the hardest physical challenge the boys had faced.

Harrison and Henry led the Monmouth team in the 18-strong event after three months of intensive training.

Carrying their kit and against the clock, the Monmouth boys successfully navigated their way around a 35km course through check points dispersed in the Brecon Beacons.

At the check points, the boys carried out section attacks, a casualty evacuation, gave orders and prepared models for briefing. Their observation skills and military knowledge were also tested.

The event was brought to a finale with a march and a live firing competition at one of the ranges.

Major Ian Lawrence, a Chemistry teacher and CCF Contingent Commander at Monmouth School for Boys, said: “This competition was about as arduous as it gets. I am extremely proud of our boys.

“This year, the course was especially tough and the sheer resilience and teamwork displayed by our boys was outstanding.

“There are no better vehicles than trails such as these for developing leadership. It is clear that Monmouth School for Boys continues to produce leaders of the future.”

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