Middle School - Ages 14 to 17

By the time they get to the middle school, boys are looking for a little more freedom and independence, but still need the security of a family environment and a safe place where they can lead a productive and happy school life. This is what we aim to provide in our middle school boarding houses.

There are three boarding houses in the middle school: New House, School House and Weirhead House, all on the main school campus and each with their own, unique atmospheres. There is a healthy rivalry between them – boys participate in inter-house competitions that include the day houses in everything from chess and drama to rugby and five-a-side.

The Year 12 boys enjoy a level of responsibility within the houses, which prepares them for being prefects or monitors the following year. They take it in turns to do prep duty at Chapel House, supervising the younger boys and getting to know them.

The boys eat all of their meals in the school dining room, though they can make snacks and hot drinks in the house.

Our boys work and play hard; they have a full and varied programme of activities, mostly in conjunction with the girls’ school. In the evenings they often swim or play games in the sports hall, and many take advantage of the gym on campus. Weekends might find them dry skiing, quad biking, canoeing or going to the cinema. They also enjoy trips into town and meeting friends from the girls’ school. We encourage the boys to stay in school on weekends whenever possible, and with so much going on most of them are only too glad to do this.