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Big audiences for Choir and String Orchestra in the South of France

July 27th, 2015
After Avignon concert
Choir at the Pont du Gard
Choir at the Maison Carree
Carcassonne from the old bridge
Bastille night fireworks

Monmouth School’s Chapel Choir, accompanied by a small string orchestra, has performed in premiere venues and for large audiences in the South of France.  Having flown out on 7th July, they performed as part of the Avignon Festival in the Basilica of St Pierre, Avignon, where they also featured on local television.  They were also entertained to supper in one of the grandest townhouses of Avignon by one of the Festival organizers.  A day later, the choir and orchestra took part in the Aix-en-Provence Festival, singing in the Cathedral, where they were watched by an audience of 200.

On Sunday 12th July, the choir sang the morning Mass in the Basilica of St Nazaire Carcassonne, in the walled Cité, and were thanked afterwards by the Bishop of Carcassonne.  Jordan Wong also had the opportunity to play the church’s famous 18th century organ.  Their last performance, in the church of Notre Dame de la Daurade, on the waterfront in Toulouse, saw them clapped back on to perform an encore by the audience of 300, who gave them a standing ovation.

As well as all the music, they also visited a number of beaches, saw the famous Pont du Gard aqueduct, visited the most complete Roman temple in the world at Nîmes, and watched the famous Bastille night fireworks of Carcassonne.  And yes, they also ate some snails.

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