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Amazing Bavaria Trip for Monmouth Cadet

September 27th, 2016

More brilliant news of the students adventures over the Summer holidays has reached us in the form of Jonathan’s report of his trip to Bavaria. This was another trip which he was able to undertake thanks to the support of the CCF at Monmouth School and, as you can see from his report, it was definitely an experience which he would recommend to others.

jonathan-bavaria-trip‘In the fourth week of the last summer holidays, I, along with thirty-nine other cadets embarked on a week-long adventure to the Bavarian Alps. The cost of the trip was just £100, this very low price is made possible by substantial army funding. I was incredibly lucky to be selected out of over two hundred applicants, with only forty places available. Organised by CCAT (Cadet Centre for Adventurous Training), we were the first group of cadets to experience this package.

During the week we would be taking part in a huge range of activities, mountain hiking, canyoneering, mountain biking, rafting and finally rock climbing. Split in to groups of eight, we would alternate between the activities each day.

The first day consisted of rock climbing. As a group of eight we had very little experience of rock climbing, therefore to begin with we struggled with the damp rock face and lack of anything to hold on to. Yet we improved hugely throughout the day, now easily being able to climb to the top of the rock face to admire the spectacular views over the tree tops.

For me the highlight of the trip was canyoneering, which we had on the second day. After the first timid steps into the water we soon found out why we had been given such thick wetsuits! The glacial melt water was a shock but after embracing the cold we were able to make our journey downstream. We either abseiled or jumped down the many waterfalls. At one point, our instructor Eric allowed us to front and back flip off the rock into the water fall below, yet after, he put us amateurs back into place with his stunts!

Day three was the day of a tough mountain hike, we ascended a total of around 1000m to a spectacular peak of the Southern Alps. The weather on this day was incredible and the views spectacular; well worth the long climb to the top. We even saw snow and couldn’t resist to have slush fight in the 30 oC  heat! In my opinion it was on this day that the team spirit of the group really emerged, encouraging each other to keep motivated to get to the peak.

jonathan-bavaria-trip2We then got a taste of mountain biking on the fourth day by going down a local sweeping trail and a pump track. On the ride back to the centre we had a refreshing swim in a crystal clear river.

We were told a large storm was coming that night. Sure enough that evening the heavens opened. It rained all through the night, and by the morning the crystal blue rivers of yesterday were now raging brown torrents. Therefore, instead of kayaking in small two man kayaks, we used large eight man rafts which were easily able to handle huge rapids; for me this was an incredible end to such an incredible trip.

Among all the activities we still had time to relax, for example, going to town and getting a taste of Bavarian culture, or playing ping pong or pool down in the games room.

This trip lived up to all my high expectations. I made many great new friends while also experiencing unbelievable activities in a stunning location. I would highly recommend this type of trip to anybody who enjoys an adventure, and who wants make the most of incredible opportunities that are available to you through the CCF at Monmouth School.’

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