International students

Sixth Form Foundation Year

Boys aged 15 and 16 from outside the UK where English is not their first language can complete a one-year IGCSE course in preparation to study A levels in the UK.

Normally, IGCSE courses take two years but by using intensive teaching, modern facilities and working with students in small groups, the school is able to prepare students for these examinations in just one year. Both boys and girls are taught together in mixed classes across both schools.

One Year IGCSE students are integrated into boarding, pastoral and the school’s social life providing a perfect preparation for Sixth Form study and a much broader education experience than that offered by an international school in the UK.

Pupils will study for six IGCSE qualifications and the course entails:

  • English as a Second Language
  • Mathematics
  • Dual Award Science (equivalent to two IGCSEs)
  • Geography
  • Their own language
Exam boards and course codes for IGCSE subjects for 2021/2022:
  • English as a Second Language, CIE 0991
  • Mathematics, Pearson/Edexcel 4MA1
  • Dual Award Science, Pearson / Edexcel 4SD0
  • Geography, CIE 0976
  • Their own language (examination board dependent on language)

For more information, please contact our Admissions Managers who will be delighted to assist you.