Clubs and Societies

Monmouth School for Boys mathematicsThe department runs a “More Able and Talented” programme for the most able boys in Years 7 – 10.  A small group of the best mathematicians are taken out of their normal teaching group once a fortnight and are introduced to mathematical enrichment beyond the confinements of the examination syllabuses.

Boys enter the Junior, Intermediate and Senior Mathematics Challenge Competitions run by the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust.   Teams of four also represent the school in the Junior and Senior Mathematics Team Challenges, both locally and nationally.

Boys in the Sixth Form attend meetings of The Senior Mathematics Club which meets about 6 times a year at Cardiff University.

Junior Maths Challenge

Caolan, Nick, Daniel and James represented Monmouth School for Boys in the Junior Maths Team Challenge. Their performance was outstanding in a number of the rounds, but unfortunately some early errors cost them a place in the top three.