Friends of Monmouth School for Boys

Friends of Monmouth School or FOMS for short is the parents and teachers association for Monmouth School for Boys.

Our objective is to advance the education of pupils at Monmouth School for Boys.  We raise funds for projects requested by students and staff that would not normally be covered by the school but will enhance the education and enjoyment of the school.

We also provide a social meeting point for parents / guardians of boys at the school with each other and with staff.  FOMS is open to parents / guardians of current and former pupils, staff members and Old Monmothians.

Please support FOMS and be part of the Monmouth School Community by attending our social and fund raising events, to make it a thriving and enjoyable place.

If you would like to be part of shaping FOMS or help decide on project funding please come to one of our four yearly meetings.  If you can give some of your time helping at an event of if you can contribute by making a cake / savory for an event please send us an email –, all help is much appreciated.

Wishing you a warm welcome to FOMS and the Monmouth School for Boys community.

FOMS events Michaelmas term 2021





Eva Lindhe,

FOMS meetings

Our next meetings are as follows:

  • AGM, 7:00pm on 11th November 2021 on Zoom.
  • FOMS meeting, 7:30pm on 11th November 2021 on Zoom.

Eva Lindhe,

Who are we?

All Monmouth School for Boys parents are members of FOMS and everyone is welcome, whether as a regular committee member or on an occasional basis attending or helping at events. We keep things pretty informal – meetings are usually held over a glass of wine – and fully understand that your time is precious. Our current line-up is as follows:

President: Mr Simon Dorman, Headmaster of Monmouth School for Boys

Joint Chair: Eva Lindhe, Liz Mance

Treasurer: Sonia Mazzie

Secretary: Lorraine Allman

Press and Social Media Secretary: Sian Richardson assisted by Rosie Edwards

School representatives: Liz Gregory and Kate Kirman

If you feel you can help in any way, by getting involved with or supporting the events we hold, please get in touch –

FOMS: Guidelines for considering funding requests

FOMS will consider all requests for funding in accordance with the following guidelines:

1.  In order to succeed, the request must have a broadly educational purpose, in line with FOMS’ objects. “Education” should be given the widest possible interpretation; it need not be limited to academic purposes and may include musical, sporting, cultural and artistic elements. By way of example, items funded by FOMS in the past have included team football shirts, astronomy equipment, cookers for an overseas expedition, a table tennis table for one of the houses, a marquee used by the rowing club at regattas and the lectern and chairs in the Blake Theatre.

2.  The request should benefit as many members of the school as possible. FOMS will not normally provide assistance for individual boys except in exceptional circumstances.

3.  Although FOMS does occasionally fund items for one-off use, a request will be considered more favourably if it is likely to have a long-term benefit or can at least be used more than once.

4.  Although there is no reason why FOMS funding should not benefit a particular group, house or club more than once, FOMS shall endeavour to direct its funding towards the widest possible range of beneficiaries and may refuse a request from any group, house or club that has received a large amount of funding in recent months or years.

5.   FOMS will only consider requests put forward in the proper manner. Requests for items under £1,000 should be accompanied by two estimates, whilst requests for items over £1,000 should be accompanied by three estimates. All requests must come through a member of staff and not directly from pupils. If a request is not in the proper format or if the committee considers that it contains insufficient information, FOMS may ask for more information or suggest that the request be made again.

6.   FOMS committee members will declare any interest in a request for funding, for example if their son is a member of the group, house or club requesting the funding. This will not disqualify that committee member from voting on the request.

June 2011