Monmouth School Rowing Club (Equipment Fund)

The Monmouth School Rowing Club has enjoyed success in recent years, in no small part attributable to the purchase of an Empacher VIII+ in 2018 at a cost of £50k.   Boats are expensive and the current Master in Charge of Rowing, John Griffiths has put together a schedule of replace and renewal over the next five years totalling £140,000.  Part of this will be met from the School budget and with fundraising amongst current parents, but two-thirds will need to come from the wider community.

The first boat that we want to buy is an Empacher Coxed Four in memory of OM Peter Mullins at a cost of £34,000 followed by a number of smaller boats, a new Janousek Coxed Eight in 2024 and a second Empacher Eight in 2025.

For more detailed information please can I ask you to contact the School Development Director, Clare Anning