Within our unique single-sex and co-educational framework, pupils benefit from the right environment at the right stage, beginning with a vibrant co-educational Nursery and Pre-Prep that sets the foundation. From age 7 to 16, as pupils mature, their learning is focused within a single-sex setting. We believe that, at this stage, boys and girls are each inspired and motivated in specific ways; at Monmouth the distracting pressures of adolescence are absent from their academic lives, while they retain the valuable benefits of joint social and co-curricular activities. As pupils progress into the Sixth Form, joint teaching and extensive joint social and co-curricular activities ensure a successful transition from school to university life.

Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools recognise talent and nurture excellence, providing the best possible springboard for a pupil’s future. Parents can feel confident as their children join a legacy of excellence in education that is renowned both nationally and internationally.