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A level joy at Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools

August 18th, 2016

A level pupils celebrated a glowing set of results at the Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools.

The hard work and dedication of sixth formers and staff paid off with almost one in three candidates gaining all A* or A grades.

At HMSG, 57.3% of grades were A* or A – more than double the national average – and the vast majority of girls gained access to their first choice university. 83.0% of grades were A* to B, and the pass rate was 100%.

Monmouth School enjoyed its best set of results in four years, with 50.2% A* – A grades and three quarters of all grades A* – B. Three boys, Freddie, Dan and Sam all achieved four A*s.

One girl from HMSG, Stephanie, was awarded five A*s and secured her offer to read engineering at Cambridge.

Ellena achieved two A*s, two As and a B and will take up her place at Oxford to study psychology and philosophy, and Cass has secured her place at Oxford to study theology with two A*s, two As and a B.

Ellena said: “It means a lot – it hasn’t quite sunk in yet.

“When you put in so much work it’s gratifying to get good results.

“I’m most looking to forward to being able to look really in depth at the subjects I love and to being surrounded by such academically-minded people.

“Going to Oxford will be another chance to shape my academic future all over again. I’ve definitely had some very supportive teachers at HMSG who have encouraged me and helped me along the way.”

Mary, from Chepstow, achieved three As and will be reading French and Spanish at Durham University. The actress, who played Mrs Potts in HMSG’s recent Beauty and the Beast musical, also has a Vice Chancellor’s Performing Arts Scholarship which will see her work on drama productions within primary and secondary schools throughout her time at university.

She said: “I’ve acted all my life and I’ve loved drama from such a young age, so it will be amazing to help other young people discover the same love for it.”

And Pippa, who has rowed for GB and was Captain of the Boats when the HMSG team won the Schools Head this year, is off to study bio chemistry at Imperial College London.

She said: “I was absolutely terrified opening the results. I was very surprised and extremely happy.

“It’s been tough since Easter right the way through, but it’s been worth it.

“I’ve been training the whole time as well – which is great for time management

“Rowing for the last seven years has definitely taught me how to motivate myself.

“I’ve been at HMSG since Year 3 and I couldn’t have done this without being here. All of my teachers have been so amazing.”

Monmouth School’s Head Boy, Sam, will take up his place to study maths at Oxford after achieving a remarkable 4 A*s and 100% in his physics paper.

The 1st XIII rower said: “I was really nervous but excited this morning – my hands were shaking over my cup of tea! I was genuinely surprised and relieved when I opened UCAS to see my offer was confirmed.”

Zac was awarded two A*s and an A and is excited to begin reading medicine at Oxford.

He said: “I mostly felt relief when I opened my results. All the hard work has paid off and I’m looking forward to what’s next – it means a lot.”

Freddie’s four A*s will enable him to study medicine at King’s College London.

He said: “Both of my parents are farmers, so I’ll be the first medic in the family. I’m thrilled with my results. I’m hoping to specialise in forensic psychology or surgery and I’m very excited about embarking on my medical career.”

Dr Andrew Daniel, Headmaster of Monmouth School, said: “Such strong results have allowed Monmouth School boys to take up places at their universities of choice, including Oxford and Cambridge, and the elite Russell Group Universities.  We are particularly pleased that the boys achieved such excellent results alongside being involved in many other activities: many of our most committed sportsmen and musicians, for example, achieved outstanding grades.  This is the hallmark of Monmouth School – the boys certainly work extremely hard in their academic studies, and achieve outstanding results, but they also make highly valued contributions to a wide range of other activities in School.”

And Dr Caroline Pascoe, Headmistress of HMSG, added: “We are delighted there has been an improvement on last year’s results. It is a huge relief when the hard work and dedication of staff and pupils pays off and the girls achieve their personal best, whether that is an A*, A, B or C grade.  HMSG has achieved above and beyond the national average for A* – A grades across the board, including core STEM subjects. It’s so lovely to see the dedication of such a talented year group help them progress on to their next step.”

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