A Distinguished Visitor

November 8, 2013

In their recent History lesson, Year 5 girls were surprised to find that Mr Evans had been replaced by King Henry VIII.  He explained to the class why he would like to be divorced from his first wife, Catherine of Aragon and asked them to write a persuasive letter to His Holiness the Pope, on his behalf.

The King presided over their lesson in Mr Evans’ absence, helping the girls to phrase their letters in the most respectful and informative way.  At the end of their audience with His Majesty, some of the girls were invited to read their epistles to the whole class, so that he could choose the best.  Their pleas, presented on aged parchment, were impressively formal and eloquent.

Then, like a phantom, Henry departed. Soon afterwards, Mr Evans appeared, with the slightest traces of Vaseline and tea leaves on his collar.  No-one could guess where he had been…

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